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Our software is intuitive and easy to use. To help you and your team gain knowledge and get the most out of our program we provide the following training courses.

On-site training courses

Package 1: Event mobility & Traffic-Chart training (4+p)

On-site training for governments and government users. Learn the basics of event mobility focused on government level.  Including Traffic-Chart course.

In this course we will cover, among other things:

  • The traffic drawing and how to make it with Traffic-Chart
  • The mobility plan including modalities and their characteristics, the risk analysis, occupancy of various road users, stakeholders, sites and standard dimensions, road capacities and throughputs, the traffic decision and best practice exercises.

This training includes FREE Traffic-Chart license for 1 year.
Training covers 1 full work day from 09:00-17:00

Fee: €429,- per participant (minimum of 4 participants)
Including FREE license for 1 year and access to useful downloads.

Package 2: Traffic-Chart course (4+P)

Learn the basics of Traffic-Chart, draw faster than ever before, and get access to several helpful downloads.

During this session, one of our experienced mobility professionals will give an in-depth tour of the software, explaining all the features and sharing practical tips to get the most out of the application from day one. This training includes FREE Traffic-Chart license for 6 months.

Fee: €289,- per participant (minimum of 4 participants)
Including FREE license for 6 months.

Package 3: Traffic-Chart 1-on-1 course or training

Is it your job to draw up traffic plans and want to get less plans disapproved or want to make them clearer for the reader? Are you working for a municipality and want to streamline your traffic planning processes? Look no further. With over 12 years of experience in traffic planning, control and safety, Martijn will be happy to help. 

Fee: custom

Traffic Chart training

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